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To The Point Defence Exam Preparation

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NDA NA / NDA NA Vocabulary

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    Vocaulary Course according to the NDA NA preparation

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Over time, the role of Public Administration (service) has changed with the advent of governance but, perpetual and eternal which is a code of conduct based on service. Ethics is a multidisciplinary term used to describe what a person should do in terms of rights, obligations, justice, beauty, etc. The code of conduct and values form the cornerstone of the Public Administration system, which provides the answer to the question, "why should ethics". A recent example of this is the arrest of an IPS probation officer, for cheating during the Civil Services Examination. Lt raises the question of the level of honesty and dedication that is part of the public service. Can such issues be resolved only by punitive measures? Probably not, and here ivies the importance of moral values, morality.

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